Update - FDACS Project “Standardizing Methods of Resistance Testing of Mosquito Insecticides”

Latest revision March 13, 2007

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Update - FDACS Project “Standardizing Methods of Efficacy Testing of Mosquito Insecticides”


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Brogdon and McAllister, 1998

McAllister and Brogdon, 1999

Author: Dr. Jack Petersen

Email:   drjack3@hotmail.com

Home Page:  http://pherec.org

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Dr. Jack Petersen
4000 Frankford Avenue
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Bottle Bioassay Protocol

AQUA-RESLIN for Bottle Bioassay

Malathion for Bottle Bioassay

Dibrom for Bottle Bioassay

ANVIL 2+2 for Bioassay

ANVIL 10+10 for Bioassay

BIOMIST 4+4  for Bioassay

BIOMIST 30+30 for Bioassay

PERMANONE for Bioassay

KONTROL 30-30 for Bioassay

KONTROL 4-4 for Bioassay

SCOURGE for Bottle Bioassay

Bottle Bioassay Data Sheet

Escape-proof Device